Our Community

Moscow, Idaho and the Palouse is a thriving community that provides a wealth of resources to residents. A strong emphasis on education, support of local farmers and businesses, Moscow is a great place to call home. This page is intended as an easy resource to learn about some of the excellent services available in our town. Not only do we want to help promote local businesses, but help you live in a manner that is beneficial to your health, and harmonious with nature. This will not only help us reduce cavities, childhood obesity and diabetes, but will help lead a healthy world to live in for generations.

Moscow Food Coop   “You can feel good about shopping at the Moscow Food Co-op, because our products are carefully selected to be minimally packaged, to avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives, and to be certified organic and/or locally produced if possible.” Supporting our local community becomes much easier with resources such as this. Look for tags with 50/100/200 which indicate how many miles from Moscow these products were delivered. This makes shopping and living locally, with less impact on the environment, easier, and better for you to boot! Might be a little more expensive, but just imagine the savings to your health care.

Moscow Farmers Market “The market is located downtown in Friendship Square on Main St. It is held each Saturday, May through October, from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Local musicians perform from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. each week.” What a great way to spend a morning or afternoon with your family. Walk down, enjoy the sunshine and music, and get some great local food. Make sure to get some great Egyptian food at Ann and Samir’s booth. You won’t regret it!

Zombie State Games Zombie State Games is a local board game company owned and operated by Dr. Werner. With a vision of getting children and families out of their zombie state and back to interacting socially in a healthy way, Dr. Werner found that board games were a perfect platform. Providing a great way for people to challenge themselves mentally, board games provide an escape from the monotony of our daily lives and allow us to travel to other places and other worlds helping to stimulate the imagination. Find out more about our games or ask Dr. Werner for some other suggestions as there is a vast world of wonderful games out there with a plethora of diverse themes sure to get everyone excited about board games!

RMEF “In 1984, four hunters from Troy, Montana, founded the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to guarantee a wild future for North America’s grandest game animal.  The Elk Foundation’s mission is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat. Find out more about the awards the Elk Foundation has received recognizing our accomplishments in wildlife and habitat conservation, public outreach, volunteerism and more.”

If eating meat is a part of your diet this organization provides great support for this wonderful animal. Hunting is a great way to harvest true free range meat from an animal that has enjoyed a truly free life with no interference from corporate America, meaning no hormones and no additives. The only true and natural meat is one that we harvest ourselves and through this process we learn a respect and a reverence for the animal and its natural world that has given their energy and life to sustain ours.