Welcome To Nature’s Way Dentistry

Our Mission At Nature’s Way Dentistry is to have the healthiest patient population on the Palouse. This does not just mean your oral health, but your whole-body, or holistic, health. Our oral health and our whole-body health are so intertwined that we cannot address one without the other. The best way to increase the health of our whole bodies is to focus our time and effort on preventive care. By targeting your preventive care we aim to save you time, money, and to increase the quality of your life.

Your Experience We aim to provide the best patient experience available so that you look forward to your preventive care visits. To make this happen we provide a spa-like atmosphere where you are welcome to take off your shoes and relax. Reducing your stress and providing a relaxing experience is important to help nurture the body’s natural healing processes. You can breath deeply with a warm hand towel soaked in essential oils while you lie in the dental chair and listen to soothing ambient music.

Your Values Finding the proper path to your health is crucial to your healing process.  What is important to you when it comes to your oral health? Expense? Chemicals? Longevity? At Nature’s Way we respect your individual decisions, and are available for guidance and information. You may come upon questions such as; are you comfortable using metal in your mouth? Does this include gold? Would you rather use porcelain products? How do you feel about white plastic fillings, known as composites? Did you know there are only a few dental composites on the market that are BPA free? What are your feelings about fluoride and recent studies that question its safety as a systemic medication? How do you feel about using it topically if you are at high risk for need of plastic fillings? Do not be overwhelmed with these choices, we are here to help you navigate the myriad of choices regarding your dental treatment whether it be a few fillings or more extensive dental needs. Choosing your treatment is the first step in obtaining optimal oral, physical, and mental health. Come in today and let us begin the healing process for you.

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